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3 Tricks For Finding the Location Independent Business Skills That Will Get You Hired

"OMG I just literally finished watching this video and I am so freaking inspired to get started on my journey. You made it so easy to understand and inspired me more than you realize!” – Amanda

3 Methods to Dissecting and Using Your Past Experiences

“I am so glad I started watching these videos! I learned about my personality type, work type, preferences and even uncovered my past and current experiences that I can use today!” – Jones

The Top Money Making Hard Skills That Will Keep Your Bank Account Happy

“Who would have ever known that the kills that I already had learned in the past could be used today so that I can travel today? Then learning about the top skills that other remote workers were getting paid for made me realize that this travelpreneur life is going to be easier to live than I had first realized. – Tibby

The Top Location Independent Business

“I never before imagined that I was being overworked and underpaid working 9-5 in my office for the past 10 years. I never connected the dots and realized that I had similar skills that I could get paid far more if I worked for myself and owned by own business. Your videos have really given me the confidence to to begin to plan my exit strategy and start working smarter and not harder.!”  – Cassandra

Our #1 Strategy For Learning The Top Skills To Have a Thriving Location Independent Business!

“It’s that moment when you wake up and see everything so clearly now. I have been saying for years that there just had to be a better way. I had lost so many years working my job and missed out on so many precious moments with my kids when they were little. After being laid off from after dedicating over 15 years to my job I didn’t have any clue what the next step was. I can see clearly now and I am so excited to get started!” – Marcus


Karisma & Ashley, the Co-Founders of Travelpreneur are dynamic duo magical girl boss guru’s behind the Travelpreneur Life, a thriving online educational community & global tribe that teaches aspiring travelpreneurs from all walks of life on how to build a successful location independent online business that provides them the freedom to work remotely from anywhere on the globe! Their thoughtfully designed and interactive online courses teach everything from branding, social media influencing, online coaching, social media management, blogging, affiliate & network marketing, e-commerce, graphic & web, to savvy business tactics for freelance remote workers globally.

Their passion for paving the future of remote/location independent work for thousands of entrepreneurs and running thriving businesses has allowed them to live a life that they don’t have to take a vacation from. After over 5 years of working online and traveling the world, they’re currently averaging about 8 plus vacations a year, and when they are not traveling you can find them at home in Los Angeles, CA  and Atlanta, GA where they are public speaking, training, and spreading their messages organically.